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Success Stories

Adam's 90-Day Transformation



Rod– 30 Day

 “My wife and I did the 30-Day Cleanse together. Safe to say the program radically transformed the way we approach our diet for ourselves and our two children. It helped me find the motivation to step up my exercise regime, so I'm feeling better than ever. I have more energy and it cleared up my digestive issues."


Amanda- 30 Day

The 30 Day cleanse program is exactly what I was looking for. Through the coaching sessions and guidebook, I was able to achieve more results than expected when I began the process. I was experiencing issues with sleep, lack of energy, and foggy brain. As I maneuvered through the changes of diet and supplements, I saw results pretty quickly. The biggest changes included clarity of mind, lots of energy, a positive uptick in mood, and loss of inches in my waist. I would recommend the program to anyone!


Judy- 90 Day

Week 2 of 12: I definitely have more energy after the detox phase of this program. I’m not looking to take a nap every day at three in the afternoon!

Week 4 of 12: Before starting this 90-Day Program, the mornings were the toughest with pain and stiffness due to fibromyalgia. Getting up and getting moving was a challenge never mind accomplishing anything. I just wanted to stay in bed. After the first week, the pain from fibromyalgia and neck pain reduced considerably, and now it’s gone down to a pain level of 2. It’s easy to get up and start the day!


Debbie- 15 Day

“The bloating and gassiness that happened after I ate are gone. The puffiness around my eyes and in my face is gone and I haven’t even had to take my allergy pills. The achiness and stiffness caused by inflammation in my body are gone! The education was fantastic and now that I understand how sugar impacts how I feel, I know what foods and drinks to stay away from. It was definitely worth doing!”



Lezli- 30 Day

“It wasn’t as hard to stop eating sugar as I thought. I don’t have the fat, bloated feeling after I eat. Energy is up and stress is down!”

Shelby-30 Day

“Love how I am feeling!”


Martha-30 Day

“My doctor said I was pre-diabetic and wanted to put me on Metformin. I went to Richeson Wellness because I did not want to start taking medication that I would have to take the rest of my life and have it not even slow down the disease. Instead, I did their 30-Day Cleanse Program. After I finished, I got my blood tested and my doctor commented that the medication is working because my blood sugar was down to 120. I got to tell her that I NEVER got the prescription filled. I told her I did a cleanse and changed the way I eat! She said to keep it up, that it is working!"


Adam – 90 Day

“I am very happy and proud of my results from the 90 day program. I increased my weight lifting workouts and now I can run and play basketball with my kids. My clothes are fitting better after losing several inches, my brain is clearer, energy level is high and I like the way I am eating feeling!”


Monique- 90 Day

In just 7 weeks, I am down 26 lbs! I was able to manage this while traveling!


Michael – 30 Day

“I feel more awake in the mornings, but during the day as well. I don’t feel like I need coffee or energy drinks before or after going to the gym for an hour and a half work out. When I get home from work at 11pm, it’s taking less time to wind down and with a snack from the shopping list, I’m falling asleep quicker. My energy is up and my wife is happy since I am meal prepping dinners again!”


Rita – 15 Day

“8 Days in to the program and I haven’t felt this good in 10 years!”

“As I complete the program, I realize how much certain foods affect my body. I used sleep 8.5-9.5 hours a night and was so groggy in the morning; it was hard to get out of bed. I thought that was normal. Now I sleep 7.5-8 hours and wake up feeling refreshed and with energy to go!

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