Meet Our Team

Here at Richeson Wellness we take a comprehensive team approach.

Anandi Thompson
Wellness Director

As a Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor and Educator accredited by the State of New York and the American Association of Drugless Practioners, Anandi studied over 100 dietary approaches and lifestyle theories under the tutelage of world-renowned physicians, counselors, and spiritual leaders.


Her passion for Happy, Healthy People began with the personal health experiences she endured with her son Eric, who was born with Down syndrome, heart issues and a very weak immune system. Food can heal and it can do damage. After three years of taking the conventional medical route, Eric continued getting sick and “failing to thrive.”  Anandi and her husband Bob removed gluten and dairy from his diet and within just a few days, his health began to soar. 


Anandi’s Certification as a Yoga Instructor helps to support her clients’ well-being through movement, as well as nutrition and supplementation.


Her expertise in program development began in the Air Force, expanded into the corporate world and then moved into Wellness. Now, she is coaching others to become well, so they can live their happiest and most fulfilled life.

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