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Welcome to Richeson Wellness. We are so happy you have made the decision to become a client.  We strive to provide the absolute best service possible and to create a protocol that will best help you to regain your life and your health.  

One of the most important parts of this journey is the beginning.  We need to know everything about you and your health history.  We know this is a lot of paperwork and it will probably take you 30 minutes to fill it out, but the more we know, the more it enables us to create the best protocol for your specific needs.  

Click on the PDF file below and it will open our Health Intake Form.  Please print it, fill it out with a pen and bring it with you to your first visit with us.  We will go over every single aspect of it, along with all your initial tests, and then analyze everything after you leave.  We spend hours going over everything about your health and your test findings so we can create the best protocol to help you overcome your health challenges.  

Once we analyze all your tests and your Health Intake form, we will create your protocol and then go over all of it with you at your Report of Findings visit.  

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