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A blend of seven herbs — including clove, black walnut hull, and holy basil — works together to support the body’s natural detoxification processes and gut microbiome.


As one of our most potent detoxification support supplements, Para 3’s liquid tincture format allows the ingredients to be absorbed more rapidly and gives patients complete control over dosing to match their comfort levels. 


Key Benefits

  • Supports immune cell activity, inflammatory balance, and microbiome health
  • Offers an optimal blend of herbs in a tincture format to maximize potency
  • Provides phytochemicals to support liver and digestive system health


Note:  Because of its potency, Para 3 should be cycled and taken for three weeks on, one week off. The other Para products do not need to be cycled like this.

Para 3

  • Designed to absorb deep into the tissues, Para 3 is a synergistic blend of herbs to provide powerful immune support.

    Para 3 consists of seven herbs in a tincture made with certified organic cane alcohol that extracts beneficial compounds from the herbs, increasing their concentration and potency.

    The herbs in Para 3 include sage leaf, tansy, thyme leaf, epazote, black walnut hull, holy basil leaf, and clove bud. Holy basil functions as a driver for the systemic distribution of the herbs in the body.

    The liquid format of Para 3 offers dosing flexibility and usage versatility. Due to its potency, cycle Para 3 by taking it for three weeks, then take one week off. Besides taking it orally, use Para 3 in a nasal rinse with distilled water to support sinus health.

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