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Maintain your immune defenses with this tincture of seven adaptogenic herbs and botanicals, including black walnut hulls, cilantro leaf, milk thistle seed, suma root (Brazilian ginseng), and sweet Annie plant (sweet wormwood).


Together, these ingredients support the body’s natural immune defenses and detoxification processes, while promoting energy production.

The liquid tincture format promotes faster absorption and maximum potency, as well as allows for customized dosing. As a concentrated tincture, IS-BART has higher potency than capsules.


For those who are sensitive, it’s recommended to start with a low dose, gradually working up to the recommended daily dose.


Key Benefits

  • Promotes normal immune system function and inflammatory balance
  • Provides antioxidants to help maintain tissue, cellular, and liver health
  • Absorbs readily due to the tincture format and enables easy dosage adjustments


  • Your health journey may require a new lineup of players to get you to the next level. Ones that assist detox, enhance liver function, and rekindle energy levels. Meet IS-BART. IS-BART is a squad of seven herbs designed to do just that. These herbs bring their “A” game to move you past parasitic plateau and onto victory.

    IS-BART is an herbal tincture designed to support immune system function and general well-being.

    This product contains a synergistic blend of seven herbs in organic cane alcohol. That extracts beneficial compounds from the herbs, helping maximize their potency.

    The herbs in IS-BART include Artemisia annua (sweet wormwood), black walnut hull, boneset, cilantro, milk thistle, oregano, and suma root. These have been carefully selected and formulated to support the body’s normal immune system activity, including for vector-based concerns.

    The herbs in IS-BART may also help maintain tissue and liver health via antioxidant support. Suma root is an adaptogen to promote the body’s natural homeostasis.

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