A Complete Digestive Enzyme Supplement to Support Digestive Tract Function and Nutrient Absorption


One of the most comprehensive enzyme supplements available today. A broad-spectrum multiple enzyme formulation, it contains 7 digestive enzymes along with probiotics, spirulina, dulse and trace minerals.


    AM Formula: 3 Capsules
    Servings per container: 30 or 60

    Protease 50,000 HUT
    Protease/Peptidase/DPP-IV Complex 20,000 HUT
    Amylase 20,000 SKB
    Lipase 8,850 LU
    Cellulase 6,000 CU
    Acid Stable Protease 54.5 SAPU
    Invertase 102 Sumner
    Lactase 351 LACU
    L-Acidophilus 200 Million CFU
    Bifidobacterium 50 Million CFU
    Trace Minerals 100mg
    Spirulina 50mg
    Dulse (leaf) 50mg

  • Digestive enzymes are beneficial for:

    • Geriatric individuals (as we age, enzyme secretion decreases)
    • Those with jaw or teeth problems (improper chewing of food decreases enzyme secretion)
    • Those under stress
    • Those who overuse antacids (overuse of antacids can decrease enzyme effectiveness and secretion)
    • Those who eat a lot of fried, grilled, or baked foods (foods prepared at high temperatures for long periods of time lose naturally occurring enzyme activity)
    • People with deficient digestive enzymes (those who lack digestive enzymes are more prone to digestive problems)
    • For use as a proteolytic enzyme supplement
    • Cybzyme places special emphasis on proteolytic enzymes, so that it can be used not only for digestive support, but also to support comfort and provide building blocks for injured tissues.
    • Digestive enzymes are secreted along the G.I. tract and are essential to the breakdown of foods, enabling nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream for use within the body.
    • Each enzyme in CYBZYME works on a specific substance in the body.  
    • Lipase enzymes help digest and assimilate fats
    • Protease enzymes including bromelain, pepsin, trypsin, and papain all digest proteins into smaller units (peptides and amino acids) for better absorption and utilization
    • Lactase enzymes aid in lactose digestion
    • Amylase enzymes breakdown carbohydrates
    • Cellulase enzymes digest fiber
    • Dulse provides an edible algae that is high in vitamins, especially Vitamin B6 and B12.
    • Spirulina also known as blue green algae and is considered a complete protein containing all of the essential amino acids
    • Invertase splits sucrose into glucose and fructose. Contrary to most other enzymes, invertase exhibits relatively high activity over a broad range of pH