Relaxation and Sleep Tincture was designed to reduce anxiety and restlessness and to combat insomnia. The herbs in this tincture may also be useful in helping conditions that are worsened by stress such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), tension headaches, muscle tension, and high blood pressure

Relaxation & Sleep

  • Supplement Facts


    Chamomile Flowers •30%
    Valerian Root •30%
    Melissa •20%
    (Lemon Balm)
    Scutellaria lateriora •10%
    (American Skullcap)
    Tilia europea •10%
    (Linden Flower)

  • About the Formula


    Chamomile is a trophorestorative herb to the nervous system, meaning that it normalizes function as well as reducing symptoms. Chamomile has been used to alleviate anxiety, insomnia, pain (especially nerve pain), and the effects of chronic stress. In addition to the nervous system, chamomile affects other bodily systems such as the digestive tract and the upper respiratory tract. Topically, chamomile has been used for burns, acne, infections, and wound healing.


    Valerian is well known for its gentle sedative effects. This tall plant bears delicate flowers, but it is the odiferous root that is used to alleviate insomnia, muscle spasms, and anxiety. Valerian is thought to act upon GABA receptors in a similar but much weaker action as pharmaceutical drugs. While valerian is safe and non-addictive, it should be taken with extreme caution by those using benzodiazepines or other central nervous system depressants.


    Melissa is also known as lemon balm. This gentle herb is a tasty addition to teas and tinctures. Like chamomile, melissa is trophorestorative to the nervous system. It is used for relaxation, alleviating anxiety, and improving the mood. Lemon balm may also be anti-viral and help to reduce fever.


    Scutellaria lateriflora, also called American Skullcap, is often combined with valerian to reduce anxiety. Native to North America, Scutellaria lateriflora is beneficial for exhausted and depressed conditions as well as anxiety. As an anti-spasmodic to smooth muscle, this plant is especially useful for tension and migraine headaches, asthma, GERD, and IBS. People with insomnia, restlessness, and muscle tension may find American skullcap to be very useful.


    Tilia europea is a mild sedative that may help with insomnia, anxiety, tension headaches, and hypertension. Also called linden flower, this herb has many other applications including as an anti-viral, anti-influenza, to lower fevers, and to reduce throat irritation.